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Seth is back with new design ideas

Our Cabinet Shop Manager, Seth Harpending, left us for two years while his wife completed her postdoctoral internship in Texas. While there he came up with a new design for cutting boards. The beauty of the design from a makers perspective is that they can be made with just three tools, a table saw, belt sander and finish sander.

FullSizeRender_1   FullSizeRender

The splines in between each piece of wood not only add strength but also act as an alignment aid during glue up and when contrasting woods are used add a nice design feature on the ends. Seth also uses boards of differing thicknesses to add interest, reduce weight, and make them easier to pick up. Cutting the sides and ends at angles further adds a design element and helps when one wants to scrape those chopped up veggies and herbs into the hand to add to your favorite recipe. The result is counter top architecture. Seth has returned from Texas and has already made several in our shop. Welcome Back Seth 🙂

New CB1   New CB2

For those that are new to our Blog, Cutting boards are one of the ways that we use up our scraps here at the shop as part of our dedication to Green Living.

We hope you all have an amazing week,