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Redwood Salvaged from Big Sur Fires

This is a project we completed a while back which features unique redwood

that was salvaged from the Big Sur Fires back in 2009.

Nitzan 6-1-11 017

Note the unique coloring of the Redwood, no stain was used this is all shot with Clear Finishing

Nitzan 6-1-11 004 Nitzan 6-1-11 005

From the Built-in cabinetry to the Faux Beams which conceal the Basement plumbing and wires.

Nitzan 6-1-11 022 Nitzan 6-1-11 023

We transformed this cold Basement into a warm and comfortable living space.

Nitzan 6-1-11 015 Nitzan 6-1-11 013

I’ll add more projects after Thanksgiving ๐Ÿ™‚

Patrick Miller – GM