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Getting out of the wind – A Backyard Oasis



A client told me that she loved where she lives but, In San Carlos, even when the sun is shining, it can be cold and windy in the backyard.

She and her husband had lived in their home for many years however they were never inspired to do anything with the back yard, until now.

The yard was 75% covered with a concrete patio made up old exposed  aggregate slabs that had been heaved up by tree roots and all of the wooden header boards in between them had long since rotted away.

I Highly Recommend Michael

“I highly recommend Michael and his folks at Fine Woodworking without reservation for any project, large or small. I am moving out of the area. My only wish is that I could take him with me for my next house!” — Deb K.

I would not hesitate to recommend them

“Michael Meyer and his team communicate well, make helpful suggestions but also pay attention to the customer’s ideas. Their craftsmanship is of the highest quality and I had complete confidence that I would be very pleased with the result. They have done a number of projects for me and I have been delighted with all their work. I would not hesitate to recommend them.” — Cynthia H.

They Have Always Maintained a Great Relationship

“We’ve worked with Michael and his team on numerous projects throughout the years. They have always maintained a great relationship with us by being innovative and flexible with our project’s design requirements, all the while providing great value and quality for their price.”

Derek G., contractor

They Helped Us Visualize the End Result

“I had hired MMFWW for three smaller projects, but most recently we chose them because we needed a general contractor who would work with us to turn a conceptual floor plan into a real design. They even chalked out the plans 100% scale on a blacktop driveway to help us visualize the end result.” — Jeannie S.

There Was a Seamless Connection

“There was a seamless connection between the general contracting and the cabinet making side of the shop; it was obvious that the foreman was thinking about aesthetics the whole time. I would use MMFWW as a benchmark against which to measure other contractors.” — Naomi A.

They Are Clear and Precise Thinkers

“After working with Michael Meyer and his crew on numerous projects, I know that they are receptive and excel at interpreting what the client needs. They are clear and precise thinkers.”
Marj P., designer

They Get Work Done in a Timely Fashion

“Part of the reason MMFWW got the job was because of their green building practices – it’s definitely important to clients. I don’t have to babysit them, they get work done in a timely fashion, and they have good record-keeping practices.”
Rob P., contractor