For us, “building green” isn’t a new approach; it’s the way we’ve always worked, integrating construction and design principles with responsible stewardship of natural resources, human health and community. It’s why we use sustainable resources for our building projects whenever possible, and manage all our materials and our work processes in an environmentally responsible manner.

Among Our Green Building Practices:

Frequently Asked Questions

Won’t “going green” cost me more?

It used to be the case, but times are changing as more suppliers heed the call from customers for environmentally sound options. Our familiarity with ecologically responsible building enables us to guide clients to green materials that don’t necessarily command a premium price.

Isn’t “green” just a marketing term these days?

It certainly can be. But minimizing the environmental impact of our projects has been a part of our building philosophy for more than twenty years. It’s what lets us see through green marketing hype and offer meaningful choices to our clients, without sacrificing craftsmanship, quality, or budget.

How can I learn more?

Click here for a list of links to articles and organizations that will help you make informed choices to make your building project eco-friendly, without sacrificing quality or budget control.

“The wonder of wood comes through the beauty of its grain, its shimmer, its texture and its aliveness. The wonder of the tree itself comes through its enormous impact on our lives. Trees give us air to breathe, food to eat, soil to stand on, vessels to sail in, refuge for animals, mythical tales to tell, wood for shelter, inspiration for furniture, and beauty to behold. In ancient traditions, trees are seen as the interface between heaven and earth.”
– Michael Meyer Fine Woodworking